No Books, No Ball Academic Services

  • Monitor the academic progress of student-athletes on a regular basis
  • Maintain a specialized tutoring staff available to student-athletes
  • Maintain a feedback system throughout the semester requesting professors to provide information concerning academic progress of student-athletes
  • Provide supervised study environment where student-athletes may meet tutors, work in small groups, and study in a quiet atmosphere
  • Coordinate various educational workshops throughout the semester

Information Services

  • Disseminate information on all aspects of No Books, No Ball and give referral assistance when deemed necessary
  • Inform student-athletes of academic progress each semester
  • Refer student-athletes to the appropriate source for graduation status

Counseling Services

  • Plan schedules each semester with the student-athlete to ensure compliance with the Oakland Athletic League Rules and Oakland School District Regulations
  • Provide assistance in choice of major and career counseling
  • Counsel individuals concerning problems of a personal or academic nature

Developmental Services

  • Support in making a smooth transition to life as a student-athlete
  • Making the transition from high school to university academics
  • Learning appropriate and effective advocacy skills
  • Developing strategies for balanced growth and development
  • Support in learning skills and strategies necessary for success in the college classroom
  • Private consultation with the Learning Specialist
  • Informal reading and study skills assessment
  • Communication and coordination with Academic Department Advisors
  • Support in making the most effective use of tutors
  • Developing effective strategies for use of content area tutoring
  • Communication with tutors to monitor progress and to consistently support skill and strategy development

Other Services

  • Serve as the liaison with the Dean of Students for issues regarding academic and other misconduct
  • Provide counseling for any issue regarding transition to high school and college life, academics, and athletically related issues
  • Serve as liaison with Social Services Programs

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