NO BOOKS, NO BALL Basketball Camp STEM Educational Model

Fiery Basketball Slam DunkOur educational model is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) based program that incorporates Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Problem Solving, and Transitional Readiness in the curriculum.  This program will expose the students to cutting edge information and procedures as well as improve on their fundamental academic skills.  We are very excited about this forward thinking program and believe that it will begin to prepare the students for the ever changing educational and career environment.

Each class we be led by a qualified instructor and also feature an instructor’s aide for added hands on support.

Utilize the versatile and unique qualities of NO BOOKS, NO BALL Basketball Camp we offer the opportunity for players to attend training and get ahead with advanced high school classes, SAT and ACT Prep classes, ESL classes or TOEFL Prep classes.

The comprehensive schedule allows a player to experience what being an Cap & diplomaAcademy program student-athlete is like by completing coursework and a rigorous Basketball training curriculum within the basketball program.  It is designed for players who need to accomplish necessary tasks for school, while also wanting to have fun and improve their game.  The weekday schedule includes basketball training and class work in the afternoon. Class include:

Algebra I, Geometry, Math Models, Algebra 3, Pre-Calculus, Biology, Calculus, Statistics, US History,Social Studies, Government, Economics, World Geography, Spanish, French, Art, Physics, Journalism, Chemistry, English, Computers, Multi Media, and others.

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