NO BOOKS, NO BALL Basketball Camp with English Options

NO BOOKS, NO BALL Basketball Camp offers two options for our international325130Basketball participants who wish to improve their English and their sport at the same time.

Academic English/TOEFL Prep Sport Camp:  For participants age 15-19 who wish to prepare for an exam in their home country or for entrance into an American university.   After a half-day of sports exercises and drills,  participants will study reading/writing, academic test preparation and practice,  sample TOEFL exams,  and develop their advanced English skills.

English as a Second Language Sport Camp:  For participants 8 – 19, a half-day of sport drills and a half-day of fun English activities focusing on vocabulary development.   Fun interactive activities are combined with field trips and weekly vocabulary/grammar  units on topics of general interest such as sports and recreation, food , health, the environment and travel.

These programs are designed for visitors to the United States and no I-20s are issued for these programs.

Leon Powe Highlights (Dunkfest) @ 2008 NBA Finals Game 2
[vsw id=”nmwyJp_PcOQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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