NO BOOKS, NO BALL Global Player Development Program 


NO BOOKS, NO BALL Global Player Development Program began July 2010 Germany Teamin response to the growing demand both domestically and internationally for the need for help in planning, implementing, training, and support of a spiritual, health and educational based path for sports services and resources as well as the development of programs designed to find physical fitness, recovery and healing from all life’s concerns.

The was designed to expand NO BOOKS, NO BALL’s awareness across the world. NO BOOKS, NO BALL believes that our methods will make a positive impact on each and every individual we encounter. Our Global Player Development Program provides services including specialized clinics, events hosting, player exposure for individuals and teams, guest speakers and much more.

KeyToSuccessGiven the increasing request and demand for these programs, services, and training on how to implement and run sports based programs, NO BOOKS, NO BALL determined that a program was needed to plan, train, and implement health centered education related program and services. Thus, NO BOOKS, NO BALL Global Player Development Program was created. The implementation of this program is designed to impact the lives of the poor, needy and disenfranchised and to empower them to become constructive members of our society.

NO BOOKS, NO BALL Global Player Development Program will plan, train, initially implement, and support (through continued guidance and training once the program has been implemented) the sports centered program to improve the quality of life of people in the United States and other third world countries around the world.

Our initial focus will concentrate on:

• Internationally – serving organizations and other community centers in Europe, Africa, and South America.

The level of engagement in each community both domestically and internationally will vary depending on need and request of our services. All activities will be consistent with the mission of Global Player Development Program and will be monitored by the Board of Directors.

Specific activities to be undertaken by Global Player Development Program Missions include:

Germany Shootout• International Activities

o School/Orphanage Support – Development, training, implementation, and initial support of programs designed to focus on the healing of children that are poor, neglected, abused, and abandoned so that success is found early in life.

o Governmental Organizations/Centers/Foundations – Planning, development, training, implementation, and initial support of the sports-educational centered program.

o Correctional Facilities – Planning, development, training, implementation, and initial support of the sports-educational centered program designed for prisons.

• Domestic Activities

o Churches/Youth Centers/Sports Facilities/Charitable Foundations – Planning, development, training, implementation, and initial support of the sports-educational centered program. The above activities will include donation of equipment and supplies to help initially implement the program.

Purvis Short, the NBPA Director of Player Programs Destroys the Jazz

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