NO BOOKS, NO BALL’s Mission is to:

to foster national and international amateur sports competition,

Coach Mac instructs Leon Powe
Coach Mac instructs Leon Powe

the administration, supervision, coordination or implementation of a sports, recreation or community services program for an individual, group, association, organization, municipality, county agency, recreation district, community Federation, incorporated association, school, university, college, school district, a branch or service area of the armed forces, or not for profit youth serving agency, any agency that is the provider of educational and/or recreational sports services in the world,

to plan, teach, promote, fund, administer and/or operation of supplemental physical, academic, and personal development and revitalization programs to enrich the curriculum of basic education offered to students at academic institutions resulting in expanded employment, economic prosperity, and business opportunities,

to develop the game of Basketball in the United States and abroad,

assist organizations throughout the world in setting up Sports Camps as support groups,

provide charitable assistance to those in need helping the hurting, poor, and needy to restore and empower themselves to make their dreams a reality,

provide structured housing and supportive services at Sports Camps for young people in the process of overcoming life’s problems and those reintegrating back into society from homelessness and incarceration.

scholarship-booksFunding support is open to the public at large, who believe in our mission and who donate freewill contributions. Donors are individuals, churches, ministries, businesses, communities and other public and private entities. All the following activities are conducted on a School site when possible. They are conducted by our experts and numerous volunteers from various churches, ministries, businesses and our local communities. These activities are funded by our fundraising programs.

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