NO BOOKS, NO BALL (NBNB), one of the top basketball talent development MacTrophiescompanies in the nation, continues to advance its mission of working with the youth from our communities that are in need of a positive environment and guidance for their future. Through basketball development training and strategies, we teach players from elementary to professional level to develop their social and life skills. The lessons they learn, allow them to excel in life and give back to their community.

Through our programs, we have seen lives change for the better both on and off the court. The philosophy of NO BOOKS, NO BALL focuses on the principles of community outreach, work ethic, dedication, healthy nutrition, exercise, and academic success. Our organization strives to teach the youth about perseverance, motivation, team work, self-determination and overcoming adversity. The goal of NO BOOKS, NO BALL is to continue to make a difference in the lives of our youth and in our society.


NO BOOKS, NO BALL provide the best Professional coaching and offer an opportunity for you to get your game to the next level. Whether it is preparing for summer league, pro training camp or for an upcoming season, professional players can expect a customized program that’s proven to develop talent.

All of our coaches provide a similar philosophy towards the private training concept. In fact, here at NO BOOKS, NO BALL we highly recommend that student athletes experience all of our coaches because with each coach, you will learn more and more little things that will enhance your performance on the court.

Please note – during the private training sessions, the coaches provide a lot of valuable knowledge that the student athlete will receive by coming to the private training session. NO BOOKS, NO BALL coach management team truly believes that doing private training will elevate your performance on the court, but it takes time to really reach the student athletes fullest potential. This falls in line with our NBNB player development philosophy.  NBNB provides the best instructors in the Nation.

We Do All This

NO BOOKS, NO BALL Private and Semi-Private sessions include:

Personalized skill development,

Position specific fundamentals,

Position specific fundamentals,

Speed & agility training,

Written player evaluations and progress analysis,

Home work-out agenda,

Skill development will be optimized to work on player’s individual needs:

Shooting Technique,

Ball-handling / dribbling,

Footwork & balance techniques,

Josh 9ers
Josh Johnson with NFC Champs 49ers


Individual & team defense,

Best Private Training.

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