No Books, No Ball was one of the very first to establish Training Table for highcafeteria-food school athletes. The training table currently offers lunch and dinner meals for student-athletes. The training table prides itself in providing the highest quality foods for athletes to enhance performance. All the foods served in the training table are labeled with a specialized food labeling system that helps athletes understand what foods they need to consume and the appropriate quantities to meet their individual nutritional needs.

No Books, No Ball is committed to meeting the nutritional needs of athletes. We seek to meet these needs through assessment, education, and implementation of proper nutritional practices. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, continued education, and scientific research in the field of sports nutrition.

Sis atCafeteriaNutrition is a vital piece of the puzzle for optimum sports performance. Proper fueling before and during competition can give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed.  Learning how to fuel your body correctly before or after workouts and throughout the day will enhance your body’s ability to recover from training and maximize your physical development. For these reasons, No Books, No Ball places a huge importance on Sports Nutrition. No Books, No Ball was one of the first high schools to employ a nutritionist to work directly with athletes to help athletes meet their nutritional needs.

whatwedo_schoolmealsNo Books, No Ball provide a number of different options including water, chocolate milk, recovery shakes, energy drinks and bars, bagels, fruits, nuts, and Gatorade for student athletes. As part of their individualized meal plans, athletes are prescribed a unique BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER workout fueling plan utilizing the products and multi-vitamins are also provided to ensure athletes are meeting their nutrient needs. Student volunteers assist in managing both areas and help prepare specialized nutritional shakes and recovery drinks for student-athletes.

Eat like Prisoners
Do Students Eat like Prisoners?

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